First of its Kind in the Sultanate, promising Quality and Choice    

Muscat Universityhas today 9th December launched a pioneering year-long programme expertly designed to support students whose ambition is to study overseas for the full duration of their undergraduate degree. The Muscat University International Foundation Programme- unique in the Sultanate of Oman - will complement the University’s existing Foundation Year, which is already preparing students for the high quality, UK-accredited and career-focussed Bachelor Degree courses offered exclusively at Muscat University’s flagship facilities in the heart of the capital.

Bachelors and Masters programmes at Muscat University are jointly awarded with leading British institutions and focus on engineering, logistics, business, finance and aviation. They are industry-facing, helping meet the priorities of the Omani and global economy with a large percentage of the programmes taught by visiting international faculty.

Today’s announcement provides an extra, high-quality route to undergraduate study. It is tailored to prepare and help fulfil the potential of those who choose to study overseas, while offering an opportunity to experience an exciting year of life and learning at Muscat University.

Candidateswho successfully complete the International Foundation Programme, and meet English language requirements,can either progressto an undergraduate programme at Muscat University orchoose to enrol onrelevant programmes ata growing number of well-established UK higher education institutions. Muscat University has already signedagreementswith Aston Universityin Birmingham, The University of Hull, The University of Sunderland, Leeds Beckett University and The University of Central Lancashire, with others expected to follow.

For local students and their families, the opportunity to participate in an International Foundation Year within the Sultanate brings advantages. Three or four years of higher education abroad is a significant investment, and transition to university study is a demanding step. The International Foundation Year at Muscat University has been designed to provide a supportive bridge between high school and university, enhancing prospects for individual success.  It also means lower associated costs, and the reassurance of closer proximity to support networks at this important transitional stage.

Muscat University’s Vice-Chancellor,Professor Yusra Mouzughi,said: “This new offering from Muscat University further demonstrates our commitment to provide outstandingeducation and bring fresh opportunities to the Sultanate ofOman. As well as deepening our existingpartnership with Aston University,the International Foundation Programme will build connectionswith dynamic and innovative universitiesacrossthe United Kingdom equipping students for success.”

Academic leaders at UK universities already committed to the programme have warmly welcomed the initiative. Aston University Birmingham - a founding academic partner of Muscat University - was awarded Gold status in the UK government’s recent Teaching Excellence Framework. This recognised ‘consistently outstanding outcomes’ for students, with a very large proportion entering highly-skilled employment or advanced study. The University, whose history stretches to 1895, is ranked in the Top 25 British universities for Overall Student Satisfaction (Complete University Guide 2019), and its business school ranks in the top 1% globally. Muscat University’s undergraduate programmes in Oman are dual awards with Aston University.

Saskia Loer Hansen, Pro-Vice-Chancellor at Aston University, said:  “Whether they stay in Oman and progress to one of the career-building dual Bachelor degrees we offer with Muscat University, or if they come to the UK for the full duration of their undergraduate study, we believe that our global approachto higher education, and the values we share, will prepare students to become the next generation of leadersinOman”.

The University of Hull’s Director of Academic Partnerships – Professor Andrew Abbott stated “We are delighted to have established an international partnership with Muscat University, such a well-regarded institution in the region. This collaboration will provide valuable opportunities for students at Muscat University to study at the University of Hull towards Engineering and Business degrees. We look forward to welcoming the first cohort soon!”.

Professor Jeanne Kaye, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Global Engagement at Leeds Beckett University, added: “We have a proud history of welcoming students from Oman and look forward to providing an excellent education and experience to more Omani students in the futureas a result of this programme”.

The University of Sunderland’s Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Professor John McIntyre, noted that: “We welcome students from over 90 countries aroundthe world and are delighted that this innovative programme at Muscat University will broaden opportunities for study with us”.

The University of Central Lancashire, in the north west of England, is also committed to the programme. Tim Steele, Executive Director of International Strategy and Partnerships, said: “Wegreatlylook forward to accepting students through Muscat University’s newfoundation pathway.”

Muscat Universityis nowaccepting applicationsforits 2019-20 International Foundation Programme. Further informationcan be found at by contacting the University directly.

With the aim of spreading the global intellectual knowledge "The end of Globalisation" lecture at Muscat University

In our efforts to engage with the local community and provide a platform for thought-leaders to share their views,  Muscat University last week organized a public lecture titled "The End of Globalisation" presented by Professor Lord Meghnad Desai, Chairman of the Official and Financial Institution Forum (OMFIF) Advisory Board, Chairman to UK Labor Party 1986 -1992 and  Founder Chairman of the Maghnad Desai Academy of Economics in Mumbai (MDAE). The lecture was attended by Omani leaders, as well as representatives from public and private sector institutions, students and members of the general public. This was the first in the Public Lecture current academic year 2018/19 organized by Muscat University. The lecture aimed at raising awareness to the opportunities and challenges faced by globalization and to raise awareness on the possible strategies to maximize the gains from globalization at a national level. The lecture also explored scenarios of the future with regards to globalization and de-globalisation, as well as the utilization of the world economy in the interest of the national economy.

During the lecture, Lord Meghnad Desai, highlighted the concept of commission, the explosion of knowledge, the communications revolution and the transformation of the planet into a small village, as well as the repercussions of those factors on multiple levels of human society including economic, cultural, social and political. Further, Lord Desai discussed the emergence of new forms of political governance in human societies, which are based on the opportunity for all parts of society to participate through social media and the major political and economic events that the world has witnessed over the past few decades. The viability of the phenomenon of globalization has been called into question given the changing realities of powers of the world. 

 Professor Yusra Mouzughi, the Vice Chancellor of Muscat University commented that the University is committed to helping Omani society move towards a knowledge society and preparing generations of future leaders that are equipped by scientific knowledge and professional competence gained through exposure to current and topical curricula, seminars and lectures.  These platforms provide a useful base for exchange of ideas for not only students but the wider public.   It is noteworthy that Muscat University continues its commitment to enrich the experience of higher education and to keep pace with the international educational systems in order to link higher education in the Sultanate with the reality and issues of global society. Muscat University’s commitment remains in providing high quality educational programmes that are research-informed and industry engaged and that address the real needs of the job market.

Muscat University launching a new Cybersecurity Education Center

Within the continuous effort of Muscat University to enrich the educational experience in the Sultanate, the University succeeded in forming a unique partnership with both the National Security Services Group and the Templar Executives to establish a Cybersecurity Education Center in Sultanate of Oman. Templar Executives will provide accredited training courses, to be attended by elite of experts in this field.

This derived in a festive ceremony held recently at Muscat University in the presence of Professor Yusra bint Ali Al Mouzughi, Vice-Chancellor of Muscat University and Chief Executive Officer of the National Security Services Group and representatives of the British Embassy in Oman. This partnership is a new addition to the advancement of the Cybersecurity Education basis in the Sultanate, making it available to all and meeting the needs of the various executive, technical and academic levels.

In addition, understanding the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) announced in the United Kingdom and the European Union is crucial to identifying its impacts on any entity dealing with individuals, companies or other establishments in these countries irrespective of their geographical location. This regulation is not limited to the borders of UK and the European Union, but also includes all other parties directly associated with them and within the regulatory framework. This means that the same provisions and penalties will apply to them, thus the GDPR awareness courses is of great importance to all wishing to continue working with the UK and EU, as it will contribute to induct the course taker the holistic framework of GDPR and how it transcends intercontinentally.

In this respect, Professor Yusra bint Ali Al Mouzughi, Vice-Chancellor of the University said “Muscat University has the sound vision, fundamental requirements and facilities to host and present such important and modern courses in the Sultanate, thus the University in cooperation with its partners will design the various training programs in the field of Cybersecurity to maximize the benefits of the Omani Society in particular and the region in general. It will contribute to increasing the level of awareness and full understanding of the cybersecurity concept”. From its part, National Security Services Group in a statement highlighted the existing partnership and explained: “We are proud of this partnership today, and we were able to build a successful constructive relationship with the relevant establishments and establish a specialized platform in this field that will provide the beneficiaries with the necessary skills and capabilities to meet potential challenges.”

 It should be noted that the services of the Cybersecurity Center will cater to all levels and provide an opportunity to organizations, and students to enroll in upcoming technical, executive and academic courses.


Muscat University participate in the World Heavy Oil Congress & Exhibition

Dr. Nader Mosavat, Director of Engineering and Technology Faculty at Muscat University, has served as technical committee member and technical sessions chair for the World Heavy Oil Congress & Exhibition (WHOC), held in Oman Convention & Exhibition Center, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman from Monday 3 – Wednesday 5 September 2018. “With depleting conventional oil and gas reserves, heavy oil plays an important role in shaping the global energy outlook. The focus should be on sustainable heavy oil production and processing methods which are environmentally friendly and less energy-intensive. We require to update our programmes and curriculum to incorporate heavy oil-related contents. In this regard, effective engagement and collaboration with international industry leaders and the sultanate’s oil and gas sector are crucial”, Dr. Nader Said. The 2018 World Heavy Oil Congress & Exhibition (WHOC), hosted under the theme 'Transforming the heavy oil value chain',  is the largest congregation of heavy oil professionals globally and provides an invaluable platform for the global heavy oil industry to gather and learn from each other.


Dr Ali Al Gheithy, Petroleum Engineering Function Director at Petroleum Development Oman (PDO), also highlighted the role of collaborative R&D in heavy oil exploitation. Dr. Ali who was the chairman of the 2018 WHOC mentioned that “Contributing to 15% of the Sultanate’s overall oil production, heavy oil plays an extremely important role in Oman’s oil and gas industry. Despite a challenging economic environment, Petroleum Development Oman is spearheading innovation and continuing to identify novel EOR techniques to maximize production from our four active heavy oil fields with particular focus on the Amal West field and the Miraah Solar plant, it is anticipated that by 2025 more than 23% of PDO’s production will come from EOR projects”.


Dr. Neshaat Nasser, Associate Professor from the University of Calgary also highlighted the role of international collaboration in sustainable deployment of heavy oil reserves. “Academia is the interface between the community and the industry and is responsible for education in heavy oil upgrading and recovery. In fact, industry requires the source of knowledge from the academia in terms of fundamental and practical science and also to develop work-ready professionals. The engagement of academia with industrial R&D center is a constructive enabler toward resolving the current challenges in heavy oil industry”,  Prof. Neshaat mentioned. During the meeting, it has been decided to initiate the Muscat-Calgary collaboration through academic engagement and R&D projects.

Muscat University embarks on steps for new campus

Muscat University Board of Directors agreed to initiate procedures for the master plan for the University’s new campus design in Airport Heights. Muscat University aims at creating an attractive, stable, secure and open learning environment that is in line with the aspirations of the founders and that meets the needs of the regional and local labour market. The University seeks to ensure more consistency with the Sultanate’s vision and future plan. The University will be committed to ensure that its graduates are of high quality and enjoying high degree of competitiveness to achieve the required professional and contribute to the growth of their societies. Khalil bin Abdullah al Khoonji, Chairman of Muscat University BoD, said that during the past period, the BoD has been closely following up the criteria for selecting the final design of the campus by international companies in a bid to ensure that the building is aesthetically unique and reflects the University’s status as a high quality and innovative university.

Oman Oil Signs a Collaboration Agreement with Muscat University

Oman Oil Company (OOC), the government’s investment arm in the energy related sectors, signed a collabouration agreement with Muscat University.

According to the memorandum of understanding (MoU), Muscat University will support OOC’s continuous efforts to boost in-country value (ICV) by advancing academic and career development of the students of the Muscat University.

According to a press release, the MoU will run for three years and will pave the way for qualified employees of the company and its subsidiaries to be involved in academic activities. The two organisations will also work together in organising, promoting, and coordinating long and short-term Muscat University student placements and internships to Oman Oil and its affiliated companies.

According to the agreement, OOC and Muscat University will facilitate professional development activities of interest to both parties and the engineering and business community in general. This also includes organising seminars, academic interactive sessions, conferences, and coordinating student visits to the OOC’s affiliated companies’ labouratories and coordinating student visits and field trips to various operational sites. 
Further, the agreement allows for the provision of guest lecturers to Muscat University education programmes as may be relevant to chemical engineering, oil and gas, and energy related topics.

Additionally, OOC will assist with sponsoring of a professorial chair at the university for research and teaching in the field of energy and unlock potential research and academic consulting projects.

Saleh al Musalhi, director of human capital, ICT and supply chain at OOC said, “Signing this MoU will bring about opportunities to Muscat University students, where the students would be able to tap into real life experience and get acquainted with essential skills during their placements, as well as visits to some of our operational sites.”

From the Muscat University side, Professor Mouzughi, vice chancellor, said, “At the heart of Muscat University’s vision is developing close links with industry and the signing of this MoU with Oman Oil is yet another manifestation of this vision and our commitment to being close to the community in which we operate. We believe that this agreement will provide excellent opportunities for both Oman Oil staff and Muscat University students”.

GCHQ Certified e-Learning Courses Muscat University, NSSG & Templar Executives

Muscat University, in collaboration with National Security Services Group (NSSG) and Templar Executives, is today proud to announce the launch of two world class Cyber Security Courses delivering knowledge of best practices in Cyber Security to all our citizens. This exciting initiative will contribute to the national strategy for a sustainable knowledge-based economy by providing easy to access and assimilate, training and education, that supports the upskilling of individuals and the development of a Digital Society for Oman.

The two courses, covering Cyber Security Awareness and the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) are certified by the world famous British Intelligence Agency GCHQ. On successful completion of each course, candidates will receive a personalised certificate carrying the seal of GCHQ as well as Muscat University. Both courses can be accessed through the portal on the Muscat University website at

GCHQ Certified Courses - Cyber Security Awareness e-Learning and General Data Protection (GDPR) Awareness e-Learning

Templar Executives’ comprehensive GCHQ Certified Cyber Security Awareness (CSA) e-Learning and GCHQ Certified General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) e-Learning courses are both designed to be completed in 35-40 minutes and 20-25mis respectively. The CSA course will enable organisations to raise their level of Cyber Security awareness and knowledge quickly, efficiently and effectively. This course will provide a holistic overview and understanding of Cyber Security, including the latest trends and threats such as Malware, Phishing, and Ransomware attacks and the Insider Threat. The GDPR course provides knowledge of the EU General Data Protection Regulation enforced from 25th May 2018. This important legislation has wide-reaching impacts for all organisations who collect, manage, process and store personally identifiable and personal sensitive data for EU citizens— anywhere in the world. It therefore, applies to every Omani organisation and individual operating, or wishing to trade, in Europe or using data from European Economic Area. The course covers the critical topics which will help learners understand the main principles of the GDPR. It also summarises roles and responsibilities and introduces key steps and guidance for both individuals and organisations to prepare for the GDPR and operate successfully where it is in force.

About Muscat University

Muscat University is a new, high quality international university located in the centre of Muscat. The university has a strong global commitment to innovation and entrepreneurship with close connections to the business communities of Oman and the wider region.

About NSSG

National Security Services Group (NSSG) is a cyber security firm located in the Sultanate of Oman. NSSG is designed to assist the private and government sectors determine their in-depth threats and provide solutions, which alleviates and reduces the risk in the ever growing world today.

About Templar Executives

Templar Executives is an award winning, international Cyber Security company trusted by Governments and multi-national organisations with an established international Cyber Academy. The company’s unique capability and experience optimises business outcomes through a holistic and tailored portfolio of Cyber Security services and solutions encompassing people, process, culture and technology. Templar Executives operates at the highest levels, helping shape national and corporate strategies and policies, and working with organisations to embed best practices and sustainable cyber resilience capability that provides a competitive business edge.

Muscat-Aston joint academic proposal has been accepted for funding by the British Council

The project proposal by Muscat University and Aston university for a Joint Academic Development Centres Grant has been successful and accepted for funding by the British Council. The Joint Academic Development Centres Grants are part of the UK Government’s Gulf Science Innovation and Knowledge Economy (GSIKE) Programme to support long term relationships between academia in the UK and the Gulf.

Project title:

Collaborative research towards renewable fuels and value-added chemicals.

Project PI from Muscat University:

Dr. Nader Mosavat, Director of Programmes, Faculty of Engineering and Technology

Project PI from Aston University:

Dr Daniel J. Nowakowski, Lecturer in Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry and EBRI Laboratories Manager This UK-Oman joint research project will cover renewable energy. Bringing together researchers from the Aston and Muscat universities, the project seeks to better understand the renewable fuels and processes for value-added chemicals. The scientists and researchers at Aston and Muscat will work together to ensure these collaborations achieve maximum impact for the UK and the Sultanate and establish long-term partnerships in key research areas. Muscat and Aston universities are also delivering three undergraduate programmes across engineering and technology, business and management and transport and logistics that will give students dual-degree certifications from both institutions.

MSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management students benefit from cutting edge E-Auction Procurement Software

Muscat University MSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management students are engaged in gaining practical knowledge of the role and use of automated and web-based applications used in procurement and supply operations. E-auctions using Bravo Advantage software for visibility, insight and transparency to power and improve procurement initiatives and decisions are an integrated feature of the course which is overseen and delivered by Cranfield University UK in Partnership with Muscat University. These Master students will leave the programme with capability for the use of powerful procurement tools and techniques to analyse and evaluate suppliers and supply markets, a skill now essential for global sourcing and procurement and which gives full transparency to supply chain management. The MSc course explores the subject of procurement and supply in the industrial and commercial context, explaining its role and purpose within the supply chain. The students are currently applying the skills and information needed by procurement professionals, together with the use of specific tools and techniques employed in managing the procurement function. Evaluation of emergent technologies within e-procurement is critical to improve both process and cost management within procurement activity in any public or private sector organisation.

Muscat University and NTI sign a Memorandum of Understanding

National Training Institute (NTI) Oman and Muscat University have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) within several fields aiming at recognizing the mutual benefits to be gained through a cooperative programme promoting scholarly activities and international understanding in the areas of engineering, technology, business and management.
The agreement has been ratified by Professor Costas Chryssou, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Finance and Administration of Muscat University and Mr. Lawrence Alva, Chief Executive Officer of NTI Oman. The two organisations will work together to develop appropriate professional development activities, of interest to both organisations and the engineering and business communities. The agreement concerns the subject areas of student visits, offering of education programmes and short courses, NTI’s graduate progression to Engineering programmes at Muscat University, Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activities, student projects, training and research collaboration in the broad area of Engineering & Technology and Business & Management.
Mr. Lawrence Alva, CEO of NTI said: “NTI is very exited to be associated and collaborating with Muscat University in an earnest endeavor to develop competent and capable graduates for the Omani market place. This association brings together two essential elements of graduate development i.e. Academic Excellence and Vocational Competence. I firmly believe that this initiative will meet employer’s expectations of fresh graduates; a fine blend of academic excellence and hands on competence”.
Professor Costas Chryssou, Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Muscat University said: “This agreement reflects our University’s efforts to foster strong links with industry and the vocational training sector as a means of producing career-ready graduates with advanced skills that employers value and need. This MoU will allow our University to continue providing industry informed education producing new workers with a more rounded skillset who are better prepared for the future work environment”.
Dr. Nader Mosavat, Director of Engineering and Technology Department at Muscat University added: “As highlighted in Oman Energy Master Plan 2040, the alignment between Oman’s Industry and Academia must be urgently improved. This agreement is a step forward toward merging academic and vocational training programs with the aim of producing work-ready graduates. NTI has the capacity to bridge the industry-academic gap and to contribute as a linking professional body among various sectors” NTI, the premier training institute in the Sultanate, has been developing competent Omani workforce over the last three decades in collaboration with the private sector employers. In line with it’s mission; “To empower individuals and organisations to succeed through learning”
NTI has been training and employing thousands of Omani youth in diverse industry segments. The capability and expertise of NTI has been enhanced through Babcock International Group (UK), its parent company.
Muscat University’s vision is to transform individuals and communities through excellence in teaching, learning and research producing the leaders of the future in both the public and private sectors. The Muscat University programmes combine academic rigour with relevance to the world of work, producing career-ready graduates.
Muscat University, recognising industry’s need for career-ready graduates, has launched Bachelors programmes, delivered in partnership with Aston University in the UK, that include a mandatory year of industrial work placement, as part of the degree programme. Through these sandwich placements students will gain a broad range of professional experience, both technical training and personal development opportunities, that will equip them with the skills they need to succeed in their chosen career.
Muscat University Masters programmes are delivered in partnership with Cranfield University in the UK and are designed to deliver rich theoretical knowledge in conjunction with practical skills that meet the requirements of 21 st Century industry. All of the MSc programmes are research and industry-informed to ensure the most up-to- date learning and teaching experience.