Why Choose Us

Muscat University

The concept of a new, high quality, private university in Muscat was approved by Oman’s Education Council within the framework of Government efforts to develop human resources in Oman in cooperation with leading figures in both the public and private sectors. Muscat University is innovative and entrepreneurial with close connections to the business communities of Oman and the wider region. Its programmes combine academic rigour with relevance to the world of work. The first intake of students for Pathway programmes took place in October 2016, with the first intake of degree programme students in October 2017.

Why choose Muscat University?

  1. Two degree certificates - Obtain a degree from both the UK and Oman as part of a dual degree programme. After successfully completing our programmes, you will be awarded a degree from a leading UK University (Aston University for our Bachelor's programmes or Cranfield University for our Master’s programmes) and from Muscat University. This ensures that your degree is recognised both in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region and worldwide.
  2. Experience our brand-new facilities in the heart of Muscat - Our modern, custom-built campus is located only a stone’s throw away from Muscat’s modern shopping malls and just 10 minutes from Muscat’s pristine coast. The new campus is equipped with a cutting-edge resource centre, a 250-seat auditorium, private study areas, and outdoor communal spaces. We also provide onsite car parking, cafes, restaurants, and banking facilities and there is a range of student accommodation options located nearby.
  3. Year long industry placement - Muscat University is the first university in Oman to offer year-long industry placements where, as an undergraduate student, you will spend the third year of your degree in industry applying the knowledge you have learnt in years one and two. After graduating, you will have already gained a year’s experience increasing your chances of securing a job in your chosen field.
  4. Learn with the very best - All our academic staff has been selected to provide you with an exceptional learning experience. The faculty members at Muscat University have wide-ranging experience in global and local contexts and are experts in their respective fields. Up to 90% of academics are ‘flying faculty’ which means that academic staff will be flown in from the UK specifically for your course.
  5. Enjoy a global student experience - As a student at Muscat University, you become a member of a global community. The academic staff and your fellow students are a diverse international mix which increases your intercultural awareness, creates a global social network and gives you the opportunity to meet people from all over the world.
  6. Experience a 21st century approach to teaching and learning - All Muscat University academic staff utilise the latest teaching techniques and pedagogical approaches to give you a rich and rewarding student experience. The use of technology enhances your understanding of key concepts during your programme and our virtual learning platforms ensure you will always have access to your materials and key content.
  7. Be assured with first class support services and pastoral care - Muscat University ensures that you study in a supportive and caring environment and that your personal well-being is a number one priority. We have a commitment to providing full academic and personal counselling throughout your studies to support you during your programme.
  8. Streamlined customer service - Starting with your application and registration, until the day you graduate and beyond, you are supported throughout the administrative process at Muscat University with an integrated one-stop Student Service Centre where you can access all services you require during your student life at Muscat University.
  9. Take advantage of financial assistance and scholarships - Muscat University is committed to providing scholarships and financial assistance on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us for more information on how we can help you.